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Lorri Lennon, Mosman

Have you ever had a massage where you felt the masseur was simply going through the motions; that their mind wasn’t focused on you and your body but instead was a million miles away? A massage with Jan is the exact opposite of such an experience. It’s very special and rewarding to be the recipient of a massage where you are the single focus of undivided attention. Jan has a unique capability to be able to tune into muscle groups that require his consideration because he is fully ‘present’ and engaged for the entire duration. As a result, his massages are more effective more quickly. And the experience leaves one feeling refreshed and ‘in the zone’. I’m very happy to recommend Jan’s exceptional talents and skills.

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Michael Raymundo, Randwick

I’m a full time tennis coach, and taking care of my body on a day to day basis is very important to me; I really like going to see Jan because he gets me in tip top shape, he’s a great service, and really knows where to pinpoint my exact problems. Just by telling him exactly where it hurts and where it doesn’t hurt, he gets stuck into the areas that I need, and gets my body just the way I need it. Thanks so much!

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David, Bellevue Hill

I was recommended by Claudia Calisto to see Jan for a massage programme as part of an ongoing recovery from a back operation. I can say without a doubt that Jan’s massage has played a large part in my continued recovery. His technique and professional approach is outstanding. He takes the time to ask which areas I would like him to work on. He is very focused and his intuitive sense for finding the exact problem areas is a great skill. He has a great respect for other treatments and therapies and I think this is an essential, but often lacking, part of providing an overall recovery programme. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jan to any prospective clients.

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Since seeing Jan my body’s range of movement has increased tenfold. I have had lifelong back problems since my childhood, Jan has helped me to engage muscles that i was just not aware of because of those injuries. You’ve tried many therapies I’m sure but until you have had a massage from Jan you will not know how well your body can move. Enjoy!

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If I could sum up in a single word, how Jan has helped me with getting my body back in to alignment after years of heavy physical training and recent sport injuries it would be “magic”. He listens to you and finds the real area that needs work and educates you on how to keep things humming along without the complicated jargon, he just keeps it real.

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At Body Mindful Therapies, we help you bring the balance back in your body. Jan, the founder of BMT, is an expert on the body’s musculoskeletal system as well as facilitator of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. He is very passionate about his work so you know you’re in his good hands.

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